Youth Marijuana Use Committee

 A new community group has formed and is working to address the movement to legalize marijuana. The group is an official marijuana subcommittee of Livingston County Community Alliance. They are working to help keep Michigan and Livingston County safe from the dangers of marijuana by protecting the health and well being of our county’s youth.


Youth Marijuana Use Committee Description 

Press Release  



 Marijuana and Lung Health

Marijuana Legalization in Colorado and Other Legalized States

Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado- The Impact

Marijuana Facts for Teens

What Should Employers Be Asking About Legalized Marijuana





For more information contact:

Kristine K. Nelson, M.Ed, LMSW, CPS                                          
Key Development Center, Inc                                                          
2060 Grand River Annex, Suite 600                                              
Brighton, MI  48114