Safe Homes

A “Safe Home” is a home in which the family or an adult has committed to providing a safe and substance-free environment for their children, and any other youth who spend time there. Kids and adults can be confident that minors under the age of 21 will not be offered or allowed to use drugs or alcohol while they are in these families’ homes. Livingston County Safe Homes was inspired by SRSLY Safe Homes in Washtenaw County. It was created in response to a growing concern among residents about the prevalence and perceived acceptance of teen drinking parties hosted by parents.

By pledging to be a Safe Home, adults agree to:

  • Actively supervise all gatherings or parties of youth in my/our home or on my/our property, or ask another responsible adult for help to do so.
  • Not allow the possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, including recreational prescription drug use, by youth in my/our home or on my/our property.
  • Set expectations for my/our children by knowing where they are going, who they are with, what their plans are, and when they are to return home.
  • Provide a secure storage place for all forms of alcohol and prescription drugs in my/our home.
  • Talk with any parent of a child they personally observe using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.
  • Have their name published on the Safe Homes webpage

Please include your name and what school district you live in to complete the Safe Homes pledge!
Please note that this is not a legally binding contract, but rather an agreement between members of the SAFE HOMES network.
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